S.M.A.R.T. is our innovative multi-sensory and movement-based program based on the principle that movement anchors learning and that appropriate stimulation of the brainstem (which controls automatic functions) leads to outstanding early academic, readiness and physiologic maturity. Our unique camps utilize many of the S.M.A.R.T. activities that are used during our regular programs, but they are delivered throughout the day, interspersed with fun group games, art projects, wall climbing, golf putting greens, speed stacking, roller racers, Ezy Roller bike tasks, glow in the dark work and thousands of other activities to keep children learning through fun and play.

When entering card information for registration, please select U.S. as your country.  If a class/camp still has spaces, it will be listed as  'Register Now!' in red. If there are no available spaces, that week will be listed as 'Read Only' and you will not be able to click the link.

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Please carefully read all information pertaining to our camps, activities, age ranges, costs, registration, and refunds before registering!

Ages: 3.9 - 7 years

Regular Hours 8:30am - 3:30pm: $275 per week (we have a wait list for financial assistance)

After Care 3:30pm - 5:30pm: $100

Max. # of children: Approximately, between 15 - 20

Activities: See video below.

Location: Our camps take place at our 4,500 sq.ft Cedar House facility located on Cedar Avenue (see map below)

Registration - Please visit our registration site.


A Day at BSMART's Fun Camp!

Literally, a thousand developmental things to do including anatomy and physiology lessons for kids (check out our lungs images)!

BSMART Bermuda!

Join us as we revolutionize learning at Bermuda's only neurodevelopmental facility.

Important Registration Information

BSMART's online registration and payment system is accessed via our website.

  • To complete the registration process, clients must register and pay for the selected week(s) of camp using a credit or debit card.

  • When entering your billing address, please select U.S. as your country code.

  • A confirmation email/receipt is provided once registration has been successfully completed.

  • Please visit our registration page to determine if camp registration is still open and accepting new registrations. If space is still available the link will read "Register Now!". If the link reads, "Read Only" it is an indication that the registration has been closed.

  • The system will not allow registration if the camp’s weekly quota has been met or if your child’s age range lies outside our set parameters.

  • Camp instructors do not handle registrations and cannot give permission for children to attend camp.

  • Our facility is set at a comfortable temperature for our constantly moving guests. It is advised that a sweater be sent along with your child for activities where movement is not involved. Usually, it is the adults rather than the children who feel cool.

  • Please read our payment policies and waiver (found on our registration site) carefully.

Clients receiving financial subsidies must be approved before registering, as an assistance code must be generated to complete registration.

Occasionally, we do accept other methods of payment.

We are in need of qualified and experienced camp instructors.

We have been receiving inquiries about camp registration and we would like you to know that as a charity the economic climate makes it very difficult to hire personnel. As a result we have been utilizing teachers who may be willing to work during their holidays. This has become increasingly difficult on our end. Not all teachers are the right fit for what we do and this further limits the applicant pool.

We cannot plan and open registration for camps if we do not have the required instructional staff.

We need advocates for BSMART!

If you work for a company with a giving committee or can help in someway please let us know as it is imperative that we secure the funding for our own staff.

Please ensure you have signed up to receive our programming information newsletters!

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Camp Volunteers

BSMART provides opportunities for community service and a whole lot of fun!

  • Age requirements: 14 years and older

  • Must be mature, responsible, understanding and demonstrate initiative.

  • Volunteers must sign up for at least two days during the week from 8:30am - 3:00pm.

  • Must adhere to BSMART's volunteer code of conduct

Please email us at bsmartbermuda@gmail.com



BSMART is located in Cedar House on the right side of Cedar Avenue. There is a sign above our entrance door that reads, "BSMART Foundation".