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BSMART Foundation is a Bermudian Registered Charity #911


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Who We Are

BSMART is committed to providing a solid foundation of learning through innovative brain-centered educational programs and services that enables ALL children to acquire social, emotional, and cognitive skills that are the foundation for future learning.

We have programs aimed at the development of all children from zero on up!

 We all have areas of our development that could be improved. BSMART's programming assists those that are struggling in academic areas as well as those children that are doing well or even performing above their required academic levels. 

We have something for everyone! From infant and toddler programs, nursery & preschool programs, developmental after school S.M.A.R.T. programming, cognitive tutoring, camps, parents' night out events, and Bollywood dance to workshops and professional development for teachers and professionals.

Take some time to peruse our site to see what BSMART can do for you, your children, or your students and staff.

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