Infant & Toddler Action Based Learning Lab Program Fees

Please note that we DO NOT have a card machine on premises.

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The fee per session is $20 for one child.

Each additional SIBLING is $5. If you attend with someone else's child the fee is still $20 for that child. The $5 fee is only applied if the children are siblings.

Our family loyalty cards are not gift cards. They are a part of our loyalty program for frequent visitors to our sessions. 

Punch cards are only valid per term. 

You do not have to purchase a punch card to attend our sessions.

BEFORE PURCHASING a family loyalty punch card, please consider if you will be able to attend the number of sessions during the current term. We do not extend the validity date beyond the end of the current term.

Please note that all FAMILY LOYALTY CARDS are only valid for the term in which they are purchased! 

We cannot extend the validity of punch cards beyond their expiration date.

Facility Guidelines and Rules

Upon arrival, all guests are asked to sign in at our reception desk.

Signing in indicates that all guests have read and understand our facility guidelines.

It is imperative that all parents & caregivers pack and tidy up after their children. We do our best to keep our amazing facility in great condition. Cleaning and sanitizing of the equipment and materials for your children takes a vast amount of work. If we are to continue to offer infant & toddler programs, we must have this cooperation from all parents, caregivers, and visitors.

Please read the guidelines below before attending our facility and programs.